Standesamt München

So, at last, all translations done, revised paperwork collated and an early trip last Friday to the Standesamt München…

Apart from a few rather difficult questions for Mark, not least arising because of no “Apostille”* provided by the GRO (General Records Office, London, UK) for the reverse of his (third*) copy of his Birth Certificate (or something… the Beamter made lots of seemingly aggressive comments). Anyhoo… the upshot of it all is… assuming the “Judge” does not decide to throw a spanner in the works for some reason, April 14, here we come!

It’ll “only” take 6 weeks for München to process the documents…  For the money paid, I’d expect it done the same day 🙁

*An Apostille (in German) means… no, me neither!
*one even had Croydon spelt “Croyden”!!!! (Spelt with o and e on following lines…).

You now see what grief we have had to deal with.

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  1. Congratulations on completing the paperwork at Standesamt. Invitation received and looking forward to celebrate with you. Grüße von Stuttgart.

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