Fenztraq GmbH

First Things First

Welcome to the UK Home of Fenztraq GmbH.

A lot has happened since the heady days of 2001 and the birth of MJD System Solutions Ltd. The company was closed (in the UK) in 2009 following the move to Munich, Germany but now lives on in the form of Fenztraq GmbH.

This fully European, Munich based company boasts 3 directors and is fully focused on continuing the Research and Development function that MJD Systems Solutions did all those years ago.

If you were looking for the site of Belinda & Mark's wedding... sorry too late :) Give them a call and ask...

— Mark Gr├╝tzun-Davey


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Final Notes

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Fenztraq has no multi-million dollar marketing campaign or celebrity sponsors, or even much fame or fortune... but we do have something even better—you. If you have good things to say, please consider telling a friend, setting it up for someone less knowledgable than yourself, or writing the author of a media article that overlooks us.