Accommodation in Wolfenbüttel

In Wolfenbüttel, the following are recommended

The Parkhotel Altes Kaffeehaus
As the Parkhotel is where we plan to hold the evening reception, the hotel would be a reasonable choice for those who value short walks to anywhere. The hotel are offering discounted accommodation as part of the package. Please do mention “Grützun/Davey Hochzeit” when booking. They also do speak English! (Or we can help you out…)

Rilano 24/7

An excellent choice as parking is easy and plentiful and a comfortable room. A short walk from the Park Hotel and Strandwolf.

Bayerischer Hof


There are of course any number of little Pensions and B&B style to cater for all budgets. If you like what you find let us know as it helps to keep these in mind. and are there also to provide a wider selection, comparison and booking services.

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