Travelling from & to München Airport

The S-Bahn is the simplest and cheapest way to get from Munich Airport and if you are travelling in a group even cheaper. The station is in the centre of the Airport complex and all you need to do is follow the .
The machines are quite clever and even speak English if you ask them nicely.
You will need a (day) single (€13) or Partner (for 2 to 5 people) ticket (€24.30) and these need to be for the “Gesamtnetz” (the whole network) since, strangely, the airport is the furthest flung part of the network. This means you can travel on all public transport (S Bahn, U Bahn, Tram and Bus) all day. Depending on how long you are staying, it might be worth buying an Innenraum 3 day group ticket and then the extra for the Außenraum (everything but the Innedraum) day ticket (€12.80) which pays for your trip from/to the airport! When you reach your accommodation you might only need a ticket for the “Innenraum” which is much cheaper (€12.80)
You can pay by cash or card and even via the MVV App (def worth using).
If you don’t believe us, check the latest here.

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