Belinda was born in Wolfenbüttel in 1970 on Valentine’s day, and that was it with flowers for her birthday ever – they are THAT much more expensive on that day. Strangely, she still developed a liking for plants and animals, which causes Mark to fear the menagerie (of one dog) she intends to have.

Belinda made her way to Munich via detour to one of the most beautiful places in the world – the small North Sea island Amrum. Half beach, half woods and small reet-covered villages, it offers all an introvert like her can ever hope for. Solitude even in high season, a spooky place under the lighthouse in the rain and views of sand and water all the way to the horizon. One hasn’t lived unless one has walked around the northern tip of the island, the everlasting wind in one’s face, and then turned into one of the Coffee shops for hot chocolate or Grog. Free peeling, too.

Munich was meant to last for two or three years, but that strange charm of the city caught Belinda and she found herself feeling at home here. She is still working on getting the administration to move the city closer to the sea, but no luck so far. So for the moment she contents herself with travelling a lot and taking pictures and playing with Photoshop wherever and whenever she can.

In Munich, Belinda began working for an American software company, with a great team of people from more than 20 nations, and she fully intended to settle down there.  But nine and a half years later, there walked a certain someone through the door – and the rest is history 😉

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