Standesamt München

So, at last, all translations done, revised paperwork collated and an early trip last Friday to the Standesamt München…

Apart from a few rather difficult questions for Mark, not least arising because of no “Apostille”* provided by the GRO (General Records Office, London, UK) for the reverse of his (third*) copy of his Birth Certificate (or something… the Beamter made lots of seemingly aggressive comments). Anyhoo… the upshot of it all is… assuming the “Judge” does not decide to throw a spanner in the works for some reason, April 14, here we come!

It’ll “only” take 6 weeks for München to process the documents…  For the money paid, I’d expect it done the same day 🙁

*An Apostille (in German) means… no, me neither!
*one even had Croydon spelt “Croyden”!!!! (Spelt with o and e on following lines…).

You now see what grief we have had to deal with.

Technical delay…

So there was a slight issue – we forgot to get the invitations to the party printed at the time of doing the hochzeity thing… Which means a slight delay in sending out the invites… opps… please bear with us… Chrimbo kinda got in the way

So almost ready to go “live”

So the plan is guests can RSVP simply by clicking the link from the qr code on the invite. Having thought about this, it seems relatively “simple” but the number of technologies required to “get there” is bizarre… BUT if it saves the planet by reducing postage and stuff… well here’s to that 🙂 However, the invites will have cost at least one tree… and sending them out another… I guess you can’t win all the time… The thing is though, the QR Code on the invite might be beneficial (particularly at the Party) where “benefits” might acrue… we shall see!
In the meantime, if anyone reads this before 2018 strikes… Have a fab holiday and, as they say here in der Vaterland, “Wir wunschen euch einen Guten Rutsch ins 2018”!

So technobabble means…?

There is something to be said for not being a “blogger” or “vlogger” or whatever the term today is… Conflicting terms about in the “literature” that have been purloined from the perfectly logical and sensible IT Industry and now mean something else… not least “post”. Meh!

More technobable

Having finished the “back office” stuff, the focus moves back to the website… Why did we start this? even for a simple “thing” this is a tad daunting. However, you gotta have a pet project right?

Getting technical…

The backoffice stuff is advancing (that is the database and processing) but learning wordpress is absorbing time from real life… still the knowledge will be useful commercially. Hopefully!